Belinda Kretschmer

I love life – with all its facets and colours. This exactly is what I try to bring on canvas…vitality, to see the beauty of every single moment in life, to point that out and to celebrate.

The magic happiness of being always inspires me anew to motivate all interested beholders of my paintings to be a part of this wonderful world. To point out oneself the positive every day and to direct one‘s thoughts in a positive way.

Following the slogan „With my thoughts I make my life“, it is up to each one’s own to see the world as a special place of individual development and where it leads to, depends on each one of us.

With my artwork I want to remind every beholder how much joy, energy and beauty is existing in him and his life. To inspire hidden feelings and existing desires, to encourage him to reach entire strength and to enjoy life with happiness.

Best wishes, Belinda Kretschmer